Monday, March 15, 2010

For the Uncertain...

I'm not usually one to promote things... especially if they re not my own. However, the previous post about Micro Niche Finder was completely legit. I don't want you to think that I'm trying to fill this blog full of advertisements because that is far from the truth. I just wanted to show my audience something that I came across that REALLY WORKS!

I want give you an example to show you what Micro Niche Finder can and will do for you!

I wrote an eHow article that was published two days ago (March 13, 2010) and that exact article is indexed by Google on the Page 2 right now! Keep in mind, when a user searches the keyword phrase I got from Micro Niche Finder, there are a total of 2,190,000 listings.

Can you imagine that! I write an article and two days later it is indexed ahead of over 3.6 million preexisting internet websites!

Did I also mention that the keyword phrase I used averages 8,600 searches a month?

I rest my case... I just wanted to share Micro Niche Finder with all of my blog followers because it is something I just can;t keep a secret!

As always... Happy writing,

Rob Farmer


  1. That sounds wonderful and I am sure it is a useful tool but I do have a question. Did you use the words "How to" when you did a Google search with your keywords to find the article? EHow articles are generally indexed pretty high up on Google. I just tried searching for five random eHow articles of mine, some old, some new, and even without the "How to" in front, they all appeared on pages 2 or 3 of Google. So, either I already know how to "Micro Niche" on my own or else eHow articles are just naturally ranked high. Maybe you should try searching some of your older articles and see how they are ranked.

  2. Good suggestion... and I have before. I don't search using the "how to" in front. I search the keyword phrase that I use for the article.

    Yes, some of the articles I wrote before rank high, but the ones that don't, I searched that articles keyword phrase in Micro Niche Finder and it made sense why it wasn't earning.

    Micro Niche Finder basically tells you if a article is going to be successful without you having to spend the time to write it and waiting a few weeks...

    Make sense?

    I know that eHow usually ranks high (thats why I'm on there) but I like that my keyword research is nearly fool proof.

    Thanks for your suggestion!

    I appreciate that interaction!

  3. I'm curious if you have any hard numbers of the increase you have seen since using Micro Niche Finder.


  4. @Fielder032:

    I bought this fairly recently so I'm not sure if my earning increase is going to be consistent, but I can tell you that I have been averaging about .25 a day per article written using Micro Niche Finder.

    That may sound like a small amount but considering that means those articles will yield close to $7.50 a month... that is considerably more than what the majority of my articles have earned (which was around $3.00 per month on average).

    I hope this helps!


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