Saturday, March 13, 2010

Article Production...

My buddy Jeremy Miller, author of The Ultimate Guide to Making Money on eHow,  over last night and we were discussing article production. Pretty much anything he tells me I follow considering that he is making over $1,000 a month and I'm looking to break $100 soon.

After talking to him, I realized that I have been spending way too much time analyzing the progress of my articles rather than writing more... I'm not sure how I got in this funk, but I have pulled my way out of it... I have recently knocked out nine articles and now that I have found the right writing method, I think that I might end this month with great earnings...

I'm not sure if any of you guys are doing what i was doing, but remember... article production (as long as they are written properly) is the key to earning at eHow... lets not forget that....

  • Current Monthly Earnings: $ 18.66
  • Number of Published Articles: 47 (9 just wrote in last two days so really 38)
  • Average Earnings a Day in March: $ 1.55
  • Total Days as a eHow Member: 80
  • Total eHow Earnings to Date: $ $72.69

Rob Farmer

1 comment:

  1. Rob, I am doing the same thing. I need to get back to actually writing articles. Thanks


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