Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Another Big Earning Gain...

March is turning out to be my best experience on eHow.  Since I joined eHow (Dec. 23, 2009) my monthly earnings have doubled each month (January: $ 15.98, February: $ 38.05).  Today, my earnings increased from $9.40 to $11.92 ($ 2.52 increase) which is my largest to date!

According to the eHow forums, I think everyone is having a similar experience this month! I'm happy for everyone who has experienced this because results are definitely the best motivation to write! On that note, I think I'm going to sign off here and write my 39th article...

Last months trend (February):
  • $ 1.36 per day
My current trend:
  • $ 1.49 per day

Thanks again for all of the support! 

How did everyone else do today?


  1. Wow! I'm impressed at how well you're doing. From your profile it looks like a lot of what you do are how-tos about increasing traffic/readership, etc. I've been trying my hand at all of this and have been only trying to write about the things I really know well. Do you have any advice for branching out?

  2. Really... I write about subjects that "I know" will earn more money than others. There is definitely a science to finding the right topics to write about. I really do not have enough room on this comment page to explain, but I do suggest that you read my other blog articles as well as my eHow article about Google AdSense Keyword Tool (located below on the right)... That has really helped other eHow writers from what they tell me...

    Let me know if this helps OK...


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