Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Earning Internet Income Through eHow

Welcome to my "eHow Internet Income" blog... It amazes me how many people are not aware of the earning potential of eHow, so I thought it would be a good idea to document my internet income earning experience through this blog.

On December 23, 2009... A close friend of mine, Jeremy Miller, had convinced me to join eHow by showing me that his eHow earnings for November 2009 and reached $ 1,000! He had been a member for almost a year and had wrote a considerable amount of articles. He has an eBook that explains all of the tips and tricks he used to get to $ 1,000 as fast as he did!

However, his eHow earnings had grown very well in comparison to other internet income methods that I had tried before (i.e. Google AdSense, affiliate links, etc.).

To date, I earned $ 1.50 in the last 7 days of December and I am currently up to $ 54.93 this year. Although this may not seem like much, but with the birth of my son last August and a full time job, this is really quie an accomplishment.

My goal for March 2010 is to hit $ 90.00 or more in passive internet income.  If you would like to "follow" me on this journey please feel free to click the follow button on the top-right portion of this page!

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Thank you for reading!

Rob Farmer


  1. Great job Rob,
    I'm only at $22 with 80 articles but am on eHow between my restaurant and skin care biz so... a work in progress! Looking forward to following along with you.

  2. Hi Rob, my earning seem to vary from month to month. Sometimes, I earn $89, but this month, I earned $72. I share my articles on FB and Twitter. I also have an eHow widget on my blog, which you can look at since I am now following you. Please, follow me too.

    Oh, but I no longer write for eHow, just get a residual income from them monthly.

  3. Hi Rob,

    Congratulations, I am happy you're doing well.I haven't had much time to write lately so I am falling behind, but now I'm encouraged to get busy and write more. I'll be happy to exchange links with you and follow along. Much continued success!.

  4. Wonderful ehow blog and earnings. I do the same, post my earnings and ehow opinions on my blog. Thanks for inviting me to follow your blog. You are welcome to follow mine also.

  5. Good luck to you. Earnings do vary month to month. Ehow had a period where they removed a lot of articles (many of most popular money makers were removed). This really ticked me off so I kind have backed off on E how, I may get back to it. E how seems to make the most money for the least effort. I write for Hubpages and infobarrel. If you do not market your work on info barrel you do not get any traffic. With Hubpages you get a little plus you get high search engine rankings. With E how I seem to get a lot more traffic per article with little or no marketing.

  6. Glad you are doing well on Ehow. I have not had such great experience with it. Right now all of my pictures that I worked so hard on are missing & NO ONE will help fix it. The problem is being ignored by Ehow. Without our pictures a lot of articles do not make sense. I do not want to waste my time writing more articles. I really wish someone would HELP!
    I wish you lots of success!

  7. Good article. I have been with ehow since last summer. Although problems do happen they eventually the problem will get fix. Sometimes is takes a while and we just have to be patient. I make anywhere between $45 and $55 per month. Not bad for a person who barely passed any of her English classes in school.

  8. Nice look to your blog. I have a blog as well that's more about ebay and etsy and such but have been playing around with the idea of a 2nd blog. One that helps me chronicle my journey to get out of debt. Ehow and passive income will be part of that.
    My earnings are still pretty small, but I don't have that many articles. And my Feb earnings were a bit lower than usual...at least I broke the $10 payout!

  9. Hey Rob,

    I really need to see how to more money on Ehow because it has not brought in the amount that I would like. Thus, I've come to follow on your journey, hopefully I'll see how it's done :)

  10. I can usually make about a dollar a day. Nice thing about these articles is that I haven't written one in months and STILL make that. It's a tank of gas, so totally worth it to me. I look forward to keeping up with your blog!

  11. Hi Rob,
    I have a blog for writers that covers many different writing sites including eHow. I'd be happy to add your blog to my list of blogs if you can do the same. Please visit me at Write Moms http://writemoms.blogspot.com

  12. Aloha... Congratulations.. !!! Its nice to see others making head way in this frustrating economy. I became a member right around a year ago... and haven't really made more than $3.. although I havent spent a ton of time on ehow..I am also a blogger here at blogspot, have a wellness business..AND A PART TIME JOB..as well... www.artfulcreativemama.blogspot.com.. and I am ALWAYS looking for creative, fun ways to generate more income. Thanks for your great info.. looking forward to reading more great stuff... Aloha!!

  13. Wow, $1,000 per month ? I'm at around $40 with 31 articles.... How many articles does the $1,000/month guy have ?

  14. @rod... He has around 250 articles... Although having a lot of articles is good, the keyword quality is what counts.

    I have talked to many people that have 400+ articles without earning $ 1,000 a month. Make sense?


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