Friday, March 5, 2010

eHow Web Survey Results!

I want to thank everyone for participating in my eHow web survey! I got 30 total responses from eHow members who shared the following information about their eHow internet income:

  • Total Articles Published
  • Average Earnings Per Day
  • Average Earnings Per Month
The graph above (which can be enlarged by clicking it) shows that earnings generally increase when the number of articles increase. However, if you look closer, there are a few individuals that are making a substantially larger amount of eHow internet income per month that other eHow members with comparable number of articles published.

I compared this data to my earnings (38 articles - $60 a month) and noticed that I am "ahead of the game" in comparison to others with about the same number of articles. I know this is a result of the tips and tricks that I got from Jeremy Miller's "The Ultimate Guide to Making Money on eHow" (Thanks Jeremy!)...

How do you guys compare?

I'm very pleased with the results of this survey... Thanks again to all of those who participated!

1 comment:

  1. I am an eHow writer as well. Very cool graph! I'm an engineer too, so I really appreciate seeing the data graphically!


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